Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that HEPA air filters are so effective that they can remove particles as small as .03ppm and the fact that NASA uses them in the space station. But an appliance that requires me to replace a expensive filter once, twice, three times a year is just that. Expensive! Another issue with filters is that they can become a breeding ground for the bacteria and virus particles they catch.

That brings me to the next point, the multi-technology electronic air cleaners being touted lately. If a air purifier has a filter, and a UV light to disinfect the filter, don’t I still have to replace the filter regardless of the particles it catches being made harmless. And don’t that mean I have to replace the UV bulb once a year now too?

And what about UV electronic air lg صيانة تلفزيونات ال جي, despite having to replace the UV light, am I then going to have to put up with potential hazardous levels of ozone?

Okay, Just forget it! I mean Jeez, Give me a break? What’s the use?

Isn’t there a electronic air purifier that doesn’t require of me the love and attention of a baby? Oh Yeah, One of the ads for electronic air cleaners I looked at on Google said that the noise it makes is like a blanket of calming white noise to help your baby sleep. What if You don’t have a baby? Whatever.

But there is one type of electronic air purifier that will cover the entire house and doesn’t require an emotional investment or yearly maintenance. (Why didn’t I just say so at the start, right?)

The type I’m talking about is the photo catalytic electronic air purifier.
Instead of throwing all the technologies in one box and calling it Multi-Tech, the photo catalysis air cleaner uses multiple technologies in concert with one another to create a ionizer that does not need a filter or collection plates.

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